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Welcome to IMP Events Vancouver

We are a special event photography company in Vancouver Canada. Our work crosses a wide range of special events ranging yearly conferences, awards ceremonies, golf tournaments, charity auctions, and product launches. As a Vancouver special event photographer we also have the ability print onsite up to 8x10 format.

Our Vancouver special event photographers are absolute professionals. We impose a formal dress code and place a high emphasis on proper etiquette. If you are a planner or a company you can rest assured your will be well represented by IMP Events. Punctuality, top rated photographic equipment and friendliness are just a few characteristics that make our photographers stand out above the rest.

Clients from outside Vancouver may call our toll free number at 1.888.399.3040.

Please email us for more information.

Unit 404 - 921 Thurlow St. - Vancouver - British Columbia - V6E 1W3 - 604.764.8598

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Choosing a Vancouver Special Event Photographer

This section will include some basic tips when choosing a Vancouver special event photographer.

Ensure you get a fast response from your Vancouver special event photographer. A response within 24 hrs of your request for quote should suffice, however you should speak to your photographer in person just to clarify your needs.

Make sure that the Vancouver special event photographer you choose has a wealth of experience shooting special events, check their references and client lists to ensure they are experienced in shooting special events. The skills needed to photograph a special event are not the same as shooting editorial or commercial photographs. Often special events venues offer poor lighting conditions, plans often change at a moments notice, and et still the photographer has one chance to obtain the image you seek. Your vancouver special event photographer will need to be able to react quickly and be familiar with these working conditions to ensure professional results.

3. Copyrights
Make sure to discuss the copyright situation with your vancouver special event photographer before you decide to hire them. Many special event photographers in Vancouver want to hold onto the copyrights, so ensure you are clear on who owns the High Resolution images.

What happens if your vancouver special event photographer falls ill or breaks their hand the night before your big event? How will they ensure an adequate replacement will be given? IMP Events has 4 vancouver special event photographers who we have available incase this happens.

Vancouver Special Event Photographer

IMP Events is a vancouver based special events Photography Company that offers some of the top vancouver special event photographers in the city. Depending on your event we have four photographers who have photography styles best suited to for your event.


Kevan is one of IMP Events top photographers for vancouver music concerts, vancouver special events and live events. His style is photojournalistic with a strong sense of design and the ability to work within the parameters of existing light to create some truly remarkable images.

Curtis has been commissioned to photograph for various vancouver company and product unveilings, vancouver charitable events, and political special events. Curtis has photographed events for major politicians and major public companies. His professionalism and candidness is a reason to consider Curtis as your vancouver special event photographer.

Eva Eva has photograph special events for companies such as Ford Canada, Bell Canada and Elizabeth Arden. Her enteric personality and strong sense of framing ensure Eva is requested to personally photograph special events in vancouver for some of Canada’s top companies. Whether she is shooting a high-end fashion product launch for Elizabeth Arden or a low key Christmas party for an oilfield company Eva immerses herself seamlessly into any situation.

Trevor is a born special event photographer. He has the ability to work under any condition for any length of time, in search of the perfect series of photographs. Trevor doesn’t just take pictures he will create a story of your special event. Trevor works well in all conditions good or bad. The consummate professional.

Klyment is the artist of the group. Klyment was the photographer assigned to photographed the unveiling of the multimillion dollar opening of the Art GALLERY of Alberta. His work is best suited for vancouver architectural openings and art unveilings. Klyment as been known to photograph vancouver special events on film if the budget and client is willing to accommodate the time delay.